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According to Our Hindu Mythology, chanting of Durga Stotra regularly can be the most powerful way to please Lord Maa Durga to get her blessings.

Maha mantra for the dedication to the Lord Sri Mahakali

There are many Mantras and Stotras for praising the goddess Durga at the time of Durga festival. It usually shows how Durga protected the human and all properties and performed to please the mother of the Universe called Jagadamba. All Hindus prayed Durga for protecting their lives. The Durga Stotra is in Sanskrit, and Durga Mata herself tells it to Bhagwan Shiva.

The mantra will give all kinds of success in your life. If you frequently read this Stotra, it will help you to lead your life without any trouble. Read the mantras with full concentration and enthusiasm; you will receive wealth, memory power, health, knowledge, good family, success, and victory. Many Durga Devi devotees cannot read all Durga Mantras because it is very challenging and consist of seven hundred stanzas.

It would take more than four or five hours to complete it. So for such devotees, Durga Stotra is the best alternative of Durga Saptashati which is ver long. It just has only seven slogans; people can recite this Stotra regularly with devotion, concentration, and faith. People who want to live their lives in a most successful manner, then this Durga Stotra will help them in an excellent way to achieve their ambition.


Main significance of Durga Stotra

Ma Durga blesses people every year with her presence of earth, eradicating human sorrows, obstacles, problems and permitting people to start a new life. The Durga Puja is generally related to the Navaratri; it is the nine days long event dedicated to Durga Ma and her avatars. She is Adi Shakthi who descended on earth to kill entire Devils and free mankind of fear.

It is believed that the celebration of Durga Puja and reading of Durga Stotra can give a new experience to people. Durga always keeps their devotees and provide them a beautiful life with a large success without any hindrance. The Durga Stotra is the alternate for the Durga Saptashloki Stotra, and it is best recited while Navaratri. This Stotra is suitable for the worship of all forms of Durga in the earth.
People from all over the India celebrate Durga Puja in a beautiful manner by reading various Durga Mantras. The language they use to read slogans and mantras are varied according to their living state and language. However, the meaning and positivity of the Stotras are same, and it will give the same effect for all devotees.


 Durga Stotra Mantra

Namasthe jagad vyapike viswaroope,
Namasthe jagad vandhya padaravindhe,
Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge.||
Namasthe jagath chinthyamana swaroope,
Namasthe maha yogini, jnana roope,
Namasthe, namasthe sadananda roope,
Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. ||
Anadhasya dheenasya thrushnathurasya,
Bhayarthasya bheethasya bhadasya jantho,
Thwameka gathir Devi nisthara karthri,
Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. ||
Aranye, rane, dharune, shathru madhye,
Anale sagare pranthare raja gehe,
Thwameka gathir Devi nisthara nouka,
Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. ||
Apare, maha dusthare athyantha ghore,
Vipath sagare majjatham deha bhajam,
Thwameka gather Devi, nisthara hethu,
Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. ||
Namaschandige, chanda durdanda leela,
Samuth gandtha aganditha sesha sathro,
Thwameka gather Devi nisthara bheejam,
Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. ||
Thwamevaghabhava dhrutha sathya vadi,
Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. ||
Namo devi durge shive Bheema nadhe,
Saraswathyarundathithyamogha swaroope,
Namasthe jagatharini thrahi durge. ||
Saranamasi suranam sidha vidhyadharanaam,
Muni manuja pasoonaam, dasyubhisthasithanaam,
Nrupathi gruha gathanaam, vyadhibhi peedithanam,
Thwamasi saranameka devi durge praseeda. ||
Sarvam vaa slokamekam vaa yah padeth bhakthiman sada,
Sa sarvam dushkrutham thyakthwa prapnodhi paramam padam. ||


Durga Mantra – remove your enemies

Simply, the traditional Indian records show that the Durga Stotras can provide more benefits and especially it has the capability to kill enemies. If you read the Durga Mantras regularly, it will protect you from your enemies and able to kill them. Because, the goddess Durga killed the Mahishasura, that’s why the Durga Mantra has the potential to remove the enemies in the human life.
Many people hope it and regularly read it to protect them from the evils and enemies. This Stotra is mainly performed on the evening of Dussehra. It has the ability to remove all negativity and enemies in life in a simple way. Durga Mantras are also available in online today for the devotee’s convenience.


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