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Durga Stuti Mantra plays an important role during the Durga Puja

The festival of Durga Puja is very popular in India, and all the Hindus celebrate it with a large enthusiasm by reading the various Durga slogans and Mantras that help devotees lead their life in a positive manner. The Durga Stuti Mantra is one of the best and most accepted mantras during the Durga Puja festival and Navaratri seasons. Every year, people celebrate it by reading mantras with fresh and positive mindset.

The Durga Stuti Mantra in all languages can give the same meaning. The lines show the goodness of people and their wealth; it protects people from all types of devils and enemies. It is usually read for praising the universal mother, Maa Durga. Actually, it will take more time to complete that’s why many people cannot like to read it during the Durga Puja festival.

It is now simple, with the new Durga Stotra that has only seven slogans. Reading in all languages is easy. The Durga Puja was usually celebrated all over India by the Hindus for ten days. The resonance of the Stuti creates a perfect ambiance, allows everybody to take a part in the ocean of bliss.


Durga Stuti Lyrics

Jai Ambe Gauri, Maiya, Jai Shyama Gauri
Nishidin Tumko Dhyavat, Tumko Sabdin Sevat,
Hari, Brahma, Shivji…Jai

Manga Sindoor Virajat, Teeko Mrigmad Ko, Maiya Teeko Mrigmad Ko,
Ujjwal Se Dou Naina, Ujjwal Se Dou Naina,
Chandra Vadan Neeko…Jai

Sarve Mangal Mangalye, Shive Sarvarth Sadhike |
Sharanye Trambake Gauri, Narayani Namo Stute ||

Kanak Saman Kalevar, Raktambar Raje, Maiya Raktambar Raje,
Raktapushpa Galmala, Kantahan Har Saje…Jai

Kehari Vahan Rajat, Khadag Khappar Dhari,
Sur Nar Munijan Sewat, Sur Nar Munijan Sewat, Tinke Dukh Hari… Jai

Kanan Kudal Shobhit, Nasagre Moti, Maiya Nasagre Moti,
Kotik Chandra Diwakar, Kotik Chandra Diwakar, Samrajat Jyoti…Jai

Shumbhu Nishumbhu Vidare, Mahishasura Ghati, Maiya Mahishasura Ghati,
Dhoomra Vilochan Naina, Dhoomra Vilochan Naina, Nishidin Madmati…Jai

Chund Mund Sanhare, Shonit Bij Hare, Maiya Shonit Bij Hare,
Madhu Kaitab Dou Mare, Madhu Kaitab Dou Mare, Sur Bhey Dur Kare…Jai

Brahmani Rudraini, Tum Kamala Rani, Maiya Tum Kamala Rani,
Agam, Nigam Bhakhani, Agam Nigam Bhakhani, Tum Shiv Patrani…Jai

Chausanth Yogini Gavet, Nritya Karen Bhairon, Maiya Nritya Karen Bhairon,
Bajat Taal Mridanga, Bajat Taal Mridanga, Aur Bajat Dumroo…Jai

Tum Ho Jag Ki Maata, Var Mudra Bharta, Maiya Var Mudra Bharta,
Manwanchchit Phal Paavat, Manwanchchit Phal Paavat, Sevat Nar Nari…Jai

Kanchan Thaal Virajat, Agar Kapoor Bati, Maiya Agar Kapoor Bati,
Malketu Men Rajat, Malketu Men Rajat, Koti Rattan Jyoti…Jai

Yeh Durgajiki Aarti, Jo Koi Nar Gave, Maiya Jo Koi Nar Gave,
Kahat Shivanand Swami, Kahat Shivanand Swami, Sukh Sampatti Pave…Jai

Dhanya Dhanya Maa Ambike, Shakti Shiva Vishal |
Angh Angh Mein Rum Rahi, Dati Din Dayal ||

Shakti Shakti Do Mujhe, Karoon Tumhara Dhyan |
Path Nirvignya Ho Tera, Mera Ho Kalyan ||

Path Nirvignya Ho Tera, Mera Ho Kalyan ||
Hridya Sinhasan Par Aa, Betho Meri Maa |

Suno Vinay Mam Din Ki, Jag Janani Vardan ||
Sundar Deepak Ghee Bhara, Karoon Aaj Tayaar |

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu Vishnu-mayeti sadbita
Namastasyai, Namastasyai, Namastasyai namo namah.

Chaman Ke Aogun Bahot Hai, Karna Nahi Dhyan |
Sinhvahini Maa Ambike, Karo Mera Kalyan ||

Sundar Deepak Ghee Bhara, Karoon Aaj Tayaar,
Gyan Ujala Maa Karo, Metto Moh Andhkaar.


Durga mantra helps you to achieve a lot in your work

It can help people to protect from all types of problems in their life. And it is overall aid devotees do their work with a great concentration that helps them to do anything in their work. It mainly protects you against your enemies and evils. The Durga Stuti Mantra can help devotees well-being.

If you read this mantra regularly, you will get free of enemies and from the people who are covetous of you. It also helps you in achieving a lot of things in your life like bliss and welfare. The Stuti mantra contains more little mantras, each mantra related to a different meaning. The Stuti mantra provides you relief from any kind of crisis and sadness in your life.

It can resolve and protect the issues in your life that are believed by the Hindus over many years. And also when you are in a difficult situation, it will help to achieve peace in your life. The Durga Stuti Mantra acts as an overall protector in all human life.

Durga Stuti mantra – the multipurpose power

The death of Mahishasura is celebrated on the final day-night of the Navaratri, and it considered as one of the biggest Hindus festivals. They believe Durga Ma killed the Mahishasura every year at the celebration of Mahishasura killing. From the first day of the Navaratri to final day the Durga Mantras plays a crucial role in each Hindus house and temple.

They give more importance to the mantras and slogans that help people to enhance their life. These mantras eliminates all negative energy from a human being. It is helpful for school children; it will guide them to success in academics and works. The mental calmness and clarity can easily get by the reading of the Durga Stuti Mantra.

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