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Various sacred names of Durga Maa and its powers

The festival of Durga Puja is very popular in India and all the Hindus celebrate it with great enthusiasm by reading the various Durga slogans and Mantras that help devotees lead their life in a positive manner. People also worship Durga with various names and they read it during the Navaratri festival. This festival is special for Durga goddess.

People from various places in India calling Durga Maa by using various names, it has varied from place to place and from people to people. The various names show the different meanings. For instance, the name Shree means Auspicious, Uma means mother, Bharathi means goddess of speech. The remaining names are also given the different meanings. Each year all the Durga devotees worship Durga by making a grand celebration.

The 108 different names of Durga are read by the Durga devotees during the Puja time. People consider that those who recites any one of the name of Durga, they can get all the benefits from goddess Durga. They can get riches, knowledge, and progeny and is long lived. The different names of can give you the different benefits in your life. The names give you the thinking mind, long life and beautiful life.

The significance of praising Durga Maa with various names

Each name of Durga Maa has different strengths. When you praise Durga with various names, you will able to get all the strengths in your life that it is mostly trusted by the Indians. The Durga Stuti mantra is the best and most accepted mantras during the Durga Puja festival and Navaratri seasons. Every year, people celebrate it by reading mantras with fresh and positive mind set.

The goddess Durga can be worshiped by using various mantras and slogans. However, praising Durga by using her 108 different names can give lots of benefits to the people. It is mostly read by Indian people every day in their home and especially read by devotees during the Durga Puja time. The reading of Durga names and reciting various names of Durga can help people to protect from all types problems in their life.

And it is overall aid devotees do their work with great concentration that helps them to do anything in their work. It mainly protects you against your enemies and evils. The Durga Stuti mantra can help devotees well being. Those who say these names every day, they will surely get free from enemies and from the people who are zealous of you.

Durga 108 names – protect you from different problems

It will remove entire bad karmas of past lives and eliminate sins. The reading of different names brings wealth and prosperity to the girl children and improves the relationship between family members. The Durga Maa names are also equal effects to the Durga mantras and slogans that’s why people believe that. The names assist you to move to the next stage in your life.

The reactions and effects of different names of Durga Maa are different from one to one. You are able to see the different forms of Durga according to her name in temple.

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