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The Holy God Durga Mantra's

Durga Chalisa Mantra(दुर्गा चालीसा मंत्र हिंदी )

Durga Chalisa  brings out the divine environment

Durga Chalisa is a type of devotional song called (mata song) in hindi that is related to the Durga mantra, and this famous prayer is composed of 40 verses. This mantra or the Chalisa is sung by the devotees of the Durga Mata for getting the fulfillment of their wishes with the prayer. Every person should invoke the divine blessings of the Durga Devi with reading the Durga Chalisa.

Durga Devotional Song in Hindi (दुर्गा मंत्र भझन)



                         Durga Chalisa Mantra in Hindi(श्री दुर्गा चालीसा )



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Why we should read Durga Chalisa everyday

If the person is reading the Durga Chalisa an every day, then they have the ability to remove from all the obstacles in the daily life as well as they can fulfill all their desires with the help of the goddess Durga. Those who read the Chalisa every day will get the more spirit as well as the enthusiasm. They will also live the longest life along with they attain the wealth and the prosperity too.

Those who want to marry a beautiful boy or the girl, then they will read the Durga Chalisa every day. Moreover, the Chalisa we sang in every day, gives a long and healthy life as well as many people get cured of the various diseases like the uterus related problems and much more. For students, gaining more knowledge and become topper in their studies.

There are many other maa Durga Mantra’s that we should recite along with this Chalisa every-day such as-

Meaning of Durga Chalisa

The meaning of shri  Durga Chalisa is the bestower of all the happiness in one’s life along with the radiance of the light is also limitless as well as the goddess only prevails the three realms. The goddess visage has always been like the moon, and the mouth is also large like the world and their eyes are always red like the fire and the sun.

Benefits of Durga Chalisa

Shri Durga Chalisa is the word that is related to the great power and the spirit along with the potential for solving all the issues and relaxing the mind. The Chalisa always gives the positive thought in the human life. This Chalisa always brings the protection to the people from the negative energy. Furthermore, this mantra allows the people to bless with the power, prosperity along with the positive energy.

Additionally, this mantra will enhance the intellectual ability by repeatedly saying the mantra at every day. This Durga mantra will also reduce the financial problem as well as the person gets more wealth by reading it every day. Some people are reading this mantra in daily to get instant relief from the nervousness. This Chalisa also helps the people to get succeed in their relationships, academics as well as the works. This mantra will help you fulfill all the wishes that turn into a real one.

This Durga Chalisa provides the people to protect against their enemies. Those people who read this mantra, they will get rid of the enemies as well as the people who are jealous of the others. It removes all the obstacles in the life along with helping the people by achieving more bliss and help with the good being. This gives relief from all kinds of problems along with the misery in the human life

How to Recite Durga Chalisa 

There are several queries ask almost every time by males and especially females that Is there is any rule of reading shri Durga Chalisa ?. So my answer to this question is Yes there are some barriers as wells as some rules while reciting/chanting Durga Chalisa every day since this pooja is devoted to Lord Maa Durga so we should take care of the following things.-

  • Our soul should be pure is the first and foremost criteria for everyone whether its male or female
  • Female has some restrictions in a period of time where they cannot touch the Lord Maa Durga during the periodic intervals in the month.
  • Females sometimes advised in the ancient times to not to go to the temples during that period
  • Apart from purity while reading the Durga Chalisa, you should be entirely devotional towards that time.
  • And the last but not least step is to maintain the consistency regarding reciting Durga Chalisa every day.

How many times to read Durga Chalisa

There is another one myth in the minds of people and always ask to me that how many times i should read the Durga Chalisa and what should the frequency of recitation of shri Durga Chalisa should be maintained. My advice to all those people who believe that greater the number of time you read the Durga Chalisa or any other mantra will bring your more blessing by Maa Durga then you are wrong. It’s not necessary everytime that more times you read the more chances that Lord Durga will keep an eye or always bless you.

It’s all the difference how devotional you are and the level of purity you can achieve while reading the Durga Chalisa. If you read only one time in a day Durga Chalisa but with full of purity and love between you and your god then your prayer will be more effective than the person who reads twice and thrice than you. If not a myth but a fact as i already tell you to how to recite the Durga Chalisa and the first step i the foremost and the most important step while chanting any mantras of any lord.

Download Durga Chalisa song and Pdf

Here is the download link of Durga Chalisa Pdf as well as Video.

Durga Chalisa (sangrah) Pdf – Click here

Durga Chalisa Video- Click Here

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